My goal is to help you along your musical journey.

Because I’ve been doing this for many years and have worked within many genres of music, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to be a successful backing vocalist.

I want to appeal to people who want to understand the art of support singing on stage and in the studio (on and off camera). Including doing vocal arrangements (on the spot), understanding and interpreting what the ARTIST wants. 

There’s a reason I’m still singing –I LOVE IT – and I’ll continue until I can’t do it anymore - one of the main reasons is that:

I am still singing is: I know "The CODE"

Its always worked for me and I’m ready to share.




1.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions no matter how silly you     

      think it may be. 


2.  Listen – really listen. 


3.  The answer may not be what you want to hear. 


4.  Be able to take constructive criticism. 


5.  I’m already so handsome/so pretty.  That’s enough, right? 

     I don’t really have to be able to sing – I look good !!! 


6.  I’m a STAR – but the world doesn’t know it yet – I don’t need  

     to sing in a group. 


7.  I’m a good singer, but I’ve never sung in a group. 


8.  All lead singers can’t sing background vocals. 

     Everybody can’t sing background. 


9.  All background singers can’t sing lead vocals. 

     Everybody can’t sing lead. 


10.  B L E N D 


11.  “It’s all about ME”. 

        (No, it’s about WE). 


12.  Group mentality. 


On One Accord

1.  To accomplish what we want to do as backing vocalists (aka support vocals) we must be “like minded”.  In other words:  on the same page. 


2.  The mission:  To provide support for the Artist without hindering or interfering with their Lead vocals. 


3.  This is a collaborative group effort.  No particular voice should be standing out. (We know you’re a great soloist, but no need to prove it here.  This is a background session !!!) 


4.  There is one group leader at the session.  That person is known as the Contractor.  Who may also be the vocal arranger.  The group leader is the spokesperson for the group.  They take the weight for all things – good and bad. 


5.  Be willing to take instruction. 


6.  Don’t be a CONTRARIAN: i.e.: a person who takes an opposing view, especially one who rejects the majority opinion. 


7.  You’re smart, amazingly talented, and your going to show the world that you can do it all.  You know what’s best for you.  So what’s wrong?    


8.  IT’S YOUR  ATTITUDE !!!   No one can tell you anything because you already know everything. 


9.  Accept the fact that someone knows more than you. 


10.  Be open to suggestions.  There’s always something to learn. 

These are some of the quotes that have helped me along the way: